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Akron Ohio area apartments 2 bedrooms for rent in Barberton

forms you may need, links for utility companies

maintenance request form
All requests for maintenance must be submitted in writing by a person listed on the lease.
If you email your request please understand that while reliable, email isn't immediate or predictable.
If you don't get a response it is your responsibility to followup with a phone call to find out if staff has your request.

pet policy If you have a pet policy in place and no longer have a pet you must give us written notice of this change. If you add a pet to an existing lease and do not sign a pet policy you will incur a daily fee (see your lease).

community rules
Revised November 2020. Please make yourself aware of changes to our community rules.

storm door policy

general information

electric company: First Energy/Ohio Edison
start service forms
general information: 1-800-633-4766
report a power outage: 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)

gas company: Dominion East Ohio
new or transfering customers start here
customer service: 1-800-362-7557

US mail delivery:
The best way to stop mail delivery of unwanted mail is to put a note inside your mailbox, stating for whom mail is accepted.
This should stop all the mail that may come for past tenants at your address.
It will not stop general junk mail.

Change of Address Forms, United States Postal Service:
You may pick up change of address forms from our office or make your request online through the USPS website.

If you have an after hours maintenance emergency, please dial 330.864.2227 and follow the prompts for Barber Knolls emergency maintenance.

Helpful Tips

We do NOT recommend the use of anything attached to the wall with adhesive (sticky or adhesive hooks). Here's an example of what was left when some sticky hooks were removed from the wall of an apartment. Many brands claim to be "damage free" but all of them leave some damage behind if left on paint or varnish long term. Please use picture hanging hooks instead, second photo below.

Most maintenance requests related to dishwashers results from overloading or lack of scraping food off plates. Download this dishwasher care tip sheet to learn how to keep your dishwasher working at its most efficient level possilble. If the bottom drain is clogged, the dishwasher won't just drain slowly, it won't get your dishes as clean.

Sewer backups and clogged toilets can be prevented with some simple lifestyle habits. Download this clog prevention tip sheet to learn how to prevent backup problems.

Most of the maintenance requests that we get for freezers and refrigerators are because of overloading of the space. Download this refrigerator tip sheet to be sure you're getting the most efficient cooling of your food.

Townhouse air conditioners are located upstairs. To circulate the cool air, you'll need to use the blower on the furnace. Download this air conditioner tip sheet to be sure you're getting the most efficient cooling of townhouse.

The air conditioners in both twinplex apartments and townhouse apartments work most efficiently at maintaining temperature. Be patient while the air conditioner cools your space, then keep the unit running to maintain your temperature.

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